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'Parasite' is Being Released in the Coolest Way

There are a lot of films based on graphic novels that became huge hits.

Everything from 300 to Sin City to less likely Oscar nominated fare like Road to Perdition or A History of Violence.

But that model is now being flipped on its head with a new graphic novel being announced based on the latest Best Picture winner and what makes this project truly unique is that the artwork has been done for years.

A graphic novel of Parasite is on the way using the actual amazing storyboards director Bong Joon Ho drew himself while planning the shoot.

The artwork is so beautiful and detailed it eventually dawned on producers that it was essentially a completed graphic novel just dying to be released.

The book is now out in South Korea as every panel is being translated from Korean to English and will be available in the states on May 19th.

Photo: Neon