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Go Behind-the-Scenes of Justin Timberlake & SZA's New Track

Justin Timberlake and SZA's new instant hit "The Other Side" for the Trolls World Tour soundtrack arrived earlier this week and JT has released a behind-the-scenes clip showcasing the making of the track.

If you ever doubted he’s hands on with the production of his music, this clip will remove any doubt. He’s inspired and driving the ship in the studio playing the track’s infectious bass line on the keyboard and spit balling ideas.

When Justin remarks the song is missing "that unicorn," SZA is brought in to add that extra flavor and delivers her incredible vocals with JT coaching her.

He also explains his vision of the song’s message to his studio team at one point, saying:

"It’s okay to be yourself, but we also have to get the idea across that (your clothes) are dope and maybe I couldn’t pull it off, but I dig it...Different strokes for different folks is a good thing."

To say Justin nailed it with the message and the music would be an understatement. Check out the behind the scenes video below:

"The Other Side" is out now.

Photo: Vevo/Justin Timberlake