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Are the Jonas Brothers About to Drop a New Album Soon?

Nick Jonas just took a seat in Jimmy Fallon’s guest chair and confirmed the news Jonas Brothers fans were dying to hear, a new album is coming and it is basically basically ready to go.

"We figured, why slow down," he tells Jimmy. "Literally two or three weeks later [after the release of their Happiness Begins album] we were with a bunch of our songwriting friends, we went somewhere to record to write and came out with a record pretty much done."

"We’re putting the finishing touches on now," Nick added. "We’re ready to go."

He also mentioned that Ryan Tedder is back for the new project, who also worked with the guys on "Sucker."

Nick is incredibly busy right now with The Voice, so the brothers may wait until the season wraps before they release the album. Then again, they might not.

The album’s lead single "What a Man Gotta Do" is out now.

Photo: Getty Images