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Chris Pratt Talks New Movie 'Onward,' Pregnant Goats, Golf and More!

Chris Pratt phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, February 19, to talk about his new movie Onward, his pregnant goats and being part of Team Woods.

The second annual Celebrity Cup golf tournament took place last week and Chris was a member of the team captained by Tiger Woods. "Standing there next to Tiger and taking a tee shot while he's watching, it's really pretty nerve wracking," he says.

Team Woods also included Alex Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Michael Pena, Larry Fitzgerald, and Blair O’Neal.

Even though the guys celebrated a victory, Chris admits his golf skills are less than exceptional, "With me you get kind of excitement. I might hit a fan...I'm definitely going to be trying to get out of some bunkers. It's a hot mess out there."

When Chris isn't hitting the links, he is busy working on other projects like his latest animated feature Disney Pixar's Onward, where he voices the role of Barley Lightfoot.

As like other Pixar movies, prepare yourself for and emotional rollercoaster. "You've got adventure, it's really funny, it's moving, and has a really powerful gut-punching dramatic through line," he says. "These two boys are going on a quest through a fantasy world to bring back the father they lost at a young age."

"I've had a lot of grown men look me in the eye and give me that nod like 'Yeah, I might have cried,'" Chris adds. So make sure you grab your tissues before the show!

Listen back to the interview above to hear about Chris' goat farm and more.

"Onward" arrives in theaters on March 6th.

Photo: Getty Images