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What Would You Do If Your In-Laws Decided to Join You On Your Honeymoon?

Imagine arriving at a beautiful resort ready for a relaxing and romantic honeymoon, only to find that your in-laws booked a room at the same resort.

A new bride took to Reddit recently when she and her new hubby were shocked to find out that his parents, who had gifted them with an all-inclusive vacation for their honeymoon also decided to go on the trip with them.

Well, if that wasn't bad enough, the woman says her in-laws also expected them to do everything together.

"They knock on our door regularly, waking us up at 6am, making us get all 3 meals a day with them," she stated. "We’ve tried telling them we wanted 'alone time' for our honeymoon and they shrugged us off saying that’s what our room is for. We also tried faking illness to get out of eating with them and they just got room service to our room and sat with us while we faked stomach aches."

People on the Reddit forum were not cool with the groom's parent inviting themselves on the romantic getaway. One person even called the parent’s actions "a seriously sketchy move."

The newlyweds had had enough and they were ready to hop on the next train out of town.

"Our train should be arriving in our final station in the next 30 mins, we’ve found a hotel that’s able to take us tonight, and we are very excited about the next 4 days," she wrote.

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