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Finneas Explains How He Can Work So Successfully with Sister Billie Eilish

After Billie Eilish cleaned up all the major awards at The Grammys with only her first full album, the huge anticipation around her next one has only grown.

She’s once again working with her producer brother Finneas on the project, which some people can’t wrap their head around because they can’t imagine collaborating that closely with their sibling.

"I think people superimpose their own relationship with their own family on ours when they think about me and my sister," he tells GQ Hype. "And I totally get that because everyone's relationships are different and very personal. I think more and more the important thing is: we love each other. We are best friends because we're siblings. But separate from that, we just have a really good working relationship."

"We seem to have both right now. So I'm excited as we go into making the second album," he adds.

There’s no real timetable for the album’s release yet as they’re still deep in the writing and recording process, but Billie’s brand-new Bond theme song "No Time to Die" is out now.

Photo: Getty Images