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Jon Bellion Explains Why Camila Cabello is a Producer's 'Dream Come True'

Camila Cabello's popularity with her fans is arguably second to none, but she is also nearly as treasured by the music producers she works with.

They gush about working with her and Jon Bellion, who is an artist in his own right, but also a sought-after writer and producer summed up what makes her so special.

"Camila is one of those artists, she goes in the (vocal) booth and lets her genius loose and we just tie some things together," he explains to Billboard.

Jon was brought in to work on Camila’s hit "Liar," but stresses: "Really, it was her song. We were just there to help along her vision and I was happy to simply be in the room...She's so artistically inclined."

He adds Camila isn't afraid of taking risks in fact she actually thrives on it and that's the intangible quality that makes a producer's job so fulfilling.

Camila’s latest "My Oh My" featuring DaBaby is out now.

Photo: Getty Images