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The Incredible Accomplishment Justin Bieber & Post Malone Both Share

Justin Bieber and Post Malone have been friends for quite some time now and their bond is still going strong.

Case in point, Post makes a guest appearance on a track called "Forever" on JB’s album Changes, which is out this Friday.

And they now also share an incredible accomplishment that only they alone have achieved.

Post’s song "Psycho" with Ty Dolla $ign has just surpassed a billion streams overall making it the fifth of Post’s singles to accomplish that feat.

The only other artist with at least five different billion stream singles is none other than Justin Bieber, so the two friends are in extremely exclusive club together.

If their upcoming track called "Forever” is as good as it's rumored to be, they just might get their next billion stream song together.

Photo: Getty Images