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Details On Bruno Mars' First Starring Movie Role

It seems like Bruno Mars can do everything when it comes to performing. He can sing, dance and play just about any instrument. And soon we’ll see just how well he can act.

According to Deadline, Bruno has just signed a massive deal with Disney to produce and star in a music-themed scripted feature film, which is most likely a fancy way of saying a musical.

There’s no details on the plot, but apparently Bruno will be be very hands on with the crafting of its music.

While Bruno isn’t known for his acting, let’s not forget his first big break was as an actor, albeit a very young one.

He played an Elvis Presley impersonator at only 6-years-old in Honeymoon in Vegas and he voiced a main character in the animated movie Rio 2.

The next move for the untitled Bruno movie is to find a writer and director...Word is that Disney is aggressively on the hunt.

Photo: Getty Images