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Tame Impala's Kevin Parker Wants to be the Biggest Producer in Pop Music

For the large part of the past decade the psychedelic rock band Tame Impala couldn’t have been further from mainstream pop music.

The band, which is actually just one guy, music genius Kevin Parker is one of the biggest live music draws in the world regularly selling out arenas. Something newer rock bands struggle to do in the current music climate.

But Kevin’s new goal will bring him squarely into the mainstream, he wants to write and produce huge hits for the biggest pop stars on earth.

"That’s the ultimate goal for me. It’s the yin to the yang of psychedelic rock, writing a catchy, sugary pop song that’s three minutes long. I want to be the next Max Martin," he tells Billboard.

Kevin has already worked with Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Camila Cabello and is heading into the studio with Dua Lipa in the near future.

His ultimate goal is to work with Beyoncé and according to his pal Mark Ronson, Kevin will be the next Max Martin.

"He can play anything and play it incredibly well," Mark says. "He has killer melodic instincts and an impossibly cool aesthetic without ever trying to be cool."

Photo: Getty Image