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Hailey Baldwin Has a Key Role in the Making of Justin Bieber’s New Album

The first four episodes of Justin Bieber's YouTube docuseries are out.

Justin Bieber: Seasons takes fans behind-the-scenes of the making of his upcoming album and one of the biggest takeaways is how important a role his wife Hailey Baldwin is playing, who’s much more than a supportive partner.

Justin’s longtime songwriting partner Poo Bear sums it up at one point by saying, “We genuinely care about what Hailey thinks. Her opinion is overly valued.”

Hailey’s a near constant presence in the studio, often there until 4am while Justin creates and his team sees a difference in the quality of Justin’s output when she’s around.

Justin himself explains why he feels empowered by her, “I think she loves me being happy and even if the music sucked, she’s so awesome and cares about me so much, she’d just love the fact I’m doing what I love," he gushes.

You can watch the first episode of Justin Bieber: Seasons below [episodes two, three and four are also available, but only to YouTube Premium members]:

Photo: Getty Images