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Why Billie Eilish is Ready to Make Her Next Album in a Whole New Way

Billie Eilish became the first artist to sweep all four categories at the GRAMMYs on Sunday since Christopher Cross in 1981 and the youngest artist ever, thanks to her groundbreaking album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, which was famously recorded entirely in her and her brother’s childhood bedrooms.

Obviously some incredible magic happened between the walls, thanks in part to them feeling literally at home, but now Billie’s got massive world tours to attend to.

So, she and her brother Finneas are forced to record her second album on the road and Billie is totally fine with that.

"It used to feel really different, but now it pretty much feels the same all around," she tells Billboard. "It’s genuine and natural wherever we work together. For a while it felt like we only could make music in our house in the bedrooms we grew up in. Now we're in a place where we can do it anywhere. It feels good. I’m ready to go on tour and make an album."

Billie cautions the album is far from done. There’s may be a couple completed songs that may make the cut, but then again they might not.

She also says she could drop a stand-alone song if she feels like it, so hopefully we’ll get a single sooner rather than later.

Photo: Getty Images