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Is Ariana Grande Secretly Featured on Mac Miller’s New Album?

Speculation has been swirling around the track "I Can See" off of Mac Miller’s new critically acclaimed posthumous album, Circles.

While no guest artist is credited, there is a female voice featured on it and fans have been wondering if it’s the late rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

Mac’s producer, Jon Brion, who finished the record has essentially confirmed it, though he can’t know for sure.

"I believe there are (contributions from Ariana)...that was a pre-existing track," he tells The New York Times. "There were a few songs the family gave me that he’d been working on independently that I thought fit thematically with what we had worked on. 'I Can See' was one of those, also 'Complicated,' 'Blue World' and 'Everybody.' I played some things on those tracks to make them feel like the others, but those vocals were already there."

Jon also revealed Mac had planned to make a trilogy of albums, 2018’s Swimming, this latest one Circles and a third record.

Whether any of it had been recorded before Mac passed Jon wouldn’t say, but there's a chance there may be one final record from Mac on the way.

Photo: Getty Images