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Why 2020 is Going to Be a Huge Year for Alanis Morissette

On Friday an entire new generation of music fans were introduced to Alanis Morissette with her guest spot on the song "Alanis' Interlude" on Halsey’s new album, Manic.

And that’s just the first of many highlights Alanis will be enjoying in 2020.

This year mark the 25th anniversary of her seminal album Jagged Little Pill, which paved the way for honest and emotionally-raw artists like Halsey.

Her new Broadway musical of the same name is also a hit and all this momentum has inspired Alanis to release her first album in 8 years, it will be called Such Pretty Forks in the Road.

She is working on it now and is reportedly recruiting some superstar friends for guest spots and possibly Halsey will return the favor.

Alanis' new album is due out May 1st and soon after she will hit the road with a pretty cool lineup of opening acts.

She’s asked the exact same artists who supported her on a 1998 tour, Liz Phair and Garbage, to join her on the road again starting in June.

Photo: Getty Images