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Halsey Gets Emotional Talking About 'Manic'

Halsey’s album Manic finally arrived on Friday and fans and critics alike quickly learned its title is a pretty spot on one-word description of its content.

She bravely and openly sings about her battles with mental health, depression and peaked emotions.

While the critical and commercial acclaim is obviously nice, Halsey remarked on Twitter the biggest reward was the just being able to make the album, writing on Twitter:

"I’ve gone my whole life struggling to accept this part of me and I made art out of it. I feel happy. Thank you."

Halsey also discussed working with several legends on Manic including Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer and her idol Alanis Morissette..."Still can’t believe it’s real. She’s my hero. Most important artist for me of my life," she added.

Manic is out now.

Photo: Getty Images