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Rihanna's Team Just Squashed Shaggy's Album Audition Claim

Dancehall reggae superstar Shaggy created a little controversy when he claimed that Rihanna, who’s reportedly working on a reggae album herself, had insisted that he audition for a spot on the record

He passed on this opportunity because he felt he was way too established to be asked to do that.

Rihanna’s camp just responded and it sounds like there’s two sides to the story.

"We are working on an album not a talent show, so why would she require Shaggy or any other artist to audition?" the rep said. "After Rihanna had finished all the material for the album, Shaggy contacted her asking to be a part of it. She explained to him that it was completed and they were just working on mixing, mastering and deciding which songs to actually use. However, she invited him to submit material to see if it fits with the album. That was by no means asking for an audition, it was more going out of her way to get him on the album."

Rihanna’s ninth studio album is rumored to be a surprise release, so it literally could come out any day now or several months from now. We'll have to wait and see!

Photo: Getty Images