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Meghan Trainor Might Have Made the Best Album of Her Career Because of This

Meghan Trainor will finally release her third studio album Treat Myself on January 31st, which is well over a year after it was originally scheduled to arrive.

There’s a lot of buzz over the record from those who have previewed it and when you hear it you will find that it’s a little bit of everything sonically. Future funk, quiet acoustic tracks and even gospel-inspired songs.

It turns out that the delay and the broad sound of the album are because of Meghan needing to remember to write from the heart and not for the chart.

"I wrote four albums [of material] because I was adapting to what’s going on in the music industry," she tells Billboard. "I got into such a dark place of, 'I don’t know how to follow all these rules.'"

"When I’m just trying to write my favorite songs, I’m booked and blessed," she adds.

And Meghan will join On Air with Ryan Seacrest in studio to discuss Treat Myself on the day it arrives!

Photo: Getty Images