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Get a First Taste of Miley Cyrus' New Single Before It Drops

On Monday, Miley Cyrus promised new tunes were coming with a tweet and accompanying photo showcasing her new rocker mullet hairdo, writing: "New hair. New year. NEW MUSIC."

And her studio buddy Mark Ronson just followed that up with a small taste of Miley’s next song in a quick video teaser.

The pair teamed up for last year’s “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," which Mark referenced in his post, writing:

"If 2019 was for the heartbreak, 2020 is for the heartbreakers. Right, Miley Cyrus? ...(very psyched for you all to hear this one, whenever mama says it’s ok)"

The grainy video of Miley features an instrumental teaser and also a quick line of text that should make fans very happy, it simply reads: “New Era Starts Now.”

Check out the Miley video teaser below:

Photo: Getty Images