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Is Ariana Grande Working on Her Next Album?

It’s already well-documented that creatively Ariana Grande pretty much does not sleep.

She broke trends by releasing two incredible full-length albums, Sweetener and thank u, next, only six months apart.

Then while on tour, she kept recording and executive produced the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack.

Her tour just wrapped days before Christmas, so now will she be taking some time off to recharge? Of course not.

In fact, Ariana is already back in the studio.

Several of her favorite producers, songwriters and besties Tommy Brown, Mr. Franks, Social House and NJOMZA shared IG Stories from the studio. While Ariana wasn’t seen, she was tagged and Mr. Franks summed up the session, writing "What just happened, Ariana?"

Then NJOMZA shared a later story with her and Ariana freaking out in excitement over a track they made.

So, knowing Ariana get ready for new music sooner than later!

Photo: Getty Images