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What Albums Arrive in January?

2019 was a banner year for music and 2020 should prove to be no different with albums from the likes of Selena Gomez, Louis Tomlinson, Halsey, Meghan Trainor and Kesha on the way.

And that’s just in January!

In fact, it’s going be a huge month for music lovers.

Kesha’s album High Road and Selena’s Rare will be the first to arrive on the 10th along with a new project by Echosmith, their first full length in 6 years.

Halsey’s Manic arrives a week later on the 17th, as will country crossover Little Big Town’s new record Nightfall.

Then closing out the month on the 31st you’ve got Louis Tomlinson and Meghan Trainor both releasing long-delayed albums.

But that’s just the start, get ready for 12 months of great music!

Photo: Getty Images