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Will These Artists Be Releasing Unannounced Albums in 2020?

Plenty of amazing music has already been confirmed for 2020, but what about the other incredible projects due over the course of the year that haven’t gotten an official announcement yet?

The website has a rock-solid reputation of boldly predicting who’s working on new music and nd they’ve announced their predictions for 2020.

And it’s a pretty exciting list should it pan out.

Among the 21 artists included are Rihanna, who’s definitely been in the studio. Also Big Sean, Drake and Kendrick Lamar, who they say have all finished their records and are just down to mastering them.

And one of their boldest predictions is that Daft Punk, who rarely releases albums, is literally in the studio as we speak.

So will these forecasts all come true? We'll find out!

Photo: Getty Images