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Why Diplo's Country Makeover Almost Never Happened

Nowadays when you imagine Diplo, you undoubtedly picture him in a cowboy hat, western shirt, Wrangler Jeans and boots, in full country mode.

But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, until this spring he dressed a lot more like other DJs before he had his stylistic reinvention.

It turns out the look was only supposed to be for a single night.

"Originally, we just wanted one custom suit to go with my Stagecoach performance," he tells Esquire.

The Stagecoach Music Festival in California is one of the nation’s biggest country festivals.

"It was one of the best responses we’ve gotten at a festival," Diplo says. "That crowd is just cool. It’s actually just full of people who want to party and have fun and it’s a huge LGBTQ+ audience."

He was hooked with the look, "It’s not even just the suits. The jeans and workwear are going to be stuff I wear forever,” he adds.

Photo: Getty Images