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Why Billie Eilish Thinks Her Youth Is An Advantage

Billie Eilish was just named Billboard’s Woman of the Year and rightfully so, as she has become an icon and bestselling artist over the course of 2019 and the youngest musician ever to get nominated in all four major Grammys categories.

It’s all pretty impressive for a a 17-year-old, but the way Billie sees it she couldn’t be the artist she is if she wasn’t so young. She tells Billboard:

"I’m lucky enough to be in a generation that’s able to break every rule -- and that’s crazy. When I think about artists who grew up in a time where you could only have one genre and one look, and couldn’t change that ever ... that must have been torturous. Especially to people who wanted to change. It’s really cool that I get to do this in a time when it’s more freeing. To be honest, there isn’t really anything that’s off-limits."

The sky is the limit for Billie!

"all the good girls go to hell" is out now.

Photo: Getty Images