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The Advice Taylor Swift Would Give Her 20-Year-Old Self If She Could

Today is Taylor Swift's 30th birthday!

She was already named the AMAs’ Artist of the Decade last month and has just picked up another honor in a similar vein, Billboard’s Woman of the Decade.

It’s clearly well-deserved, as she evolved into the face of pop music.

Both her personal and professional life made headlines, some negative, where she dealt with the level of criticism that comes with being at the top of your field.

If she could somehow go back in time to the very beginning of this decade she wouldn’t really change a thing.

"I wouldn't give myself any advice. I would have done everything exactly the same way," she tells Billboard. "Because even the really tough things I've gone through taught me things that I never would have learned any other way. I really appreciate my experience, the ups and downs."

Adding: "I've got my friends, who like me for the right reasons. I've got my family. I've got my boyfriend. I've got my fans. I've got my cats."

Congrats to Taylor on the honor and for navigating the decade exhibiting such talent, tenacity and grace.

Photo: Getty Images