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Why Ryan Reynolds Is Happy His Early Acting Career Was Slow to Take Off

Ryan Reynolds is a household name and A-list actor who seems to navigate fame almost always armed with a smile and sense of humor.

He was also a child actor, which often can be challenging to navigate, but Ryan thinks it was a huge asset largely because his career got off to a shaky start.

"I started in show business when I was 13 years old," he explains to Interview Magazine. "But my career was an aggregate. It was very slow as I entered into the public forum, but in retrospect, I look at that as one of the greatest gifts ever, because it allowed me to integrate some of this stuff slowly, as opposed to being overwhelmed by it."

"There’s a tremendous amount of expectation on young people who are even just in school, let alone show business, where suddenly you have an industry that’s revolving around whether or not you hit your mark, or whether or not you are perceived as entertaining or funny or charming," he says.

Ryan’s new movie 6 Underground is out in select theaters tomorrow before streaming on Netflix on Friday.

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