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Mysterious Pigeons In Las Vegas Spotted Wearing Tiny Cowboy Hats

Anything can happen in Las Vegas - you can win a jackpot, you can see a great show, or you could wind up spotting some pigeons wearing teeny tiny cowboy hats. That's what one man encountered in Sin City and he shared video of the birds on social media. In the clip, a group of pigeons can be seen in a parking lot - nothing too strange there - except that one of them is wearing a small red cowboy hat and another has a grey one perched on its head. No one knows who is responsible for the accessories or how they are staying put on the the birds.

Some animal rescuers are concerned about the pigeons. Mariah Hillman, who has nursed many injured pigeons with her Lofty Hopes rescue, told Fox 5 Vegas, "At first, I was like, oh my god that's cute! Then, I was like, wait a minute – how did they get those hats on there? Did they glue them? And what does that mean for them? Is it something that's going to impede their flight or attract predators?"

Hillman is trying to track down the birds to see if they need help. She's already spent hours looking for them and handing out business cards to people in the area, asking them to call her if they see the hat-wearing creatures and to feed them until she arrives.

Photo: YouTube