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Lady Gaga’s Amazing Plans for the Next Decade

This decade belonged to Lady Gaga. It saw her transform from rising pop star to mega star, an Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy winner. So what does she have planned for the next decade , a whole lot.

In a makeup tutorial promoting her Haus Laboratories makeup line she expressed her plans for the next 10-year chapter of her life.

"I’m not retiring anytime soon. I [wanna make] all kinds of different music. I wanna do more movies, I wanna have babies and I want to continue to build the behemoth that is Haus Laboratories into the makeup company of my dreams," she says. "I'm living my inspirations right now, in this moment. When I get inspired, I do things right away.

Adding, "There will be tons of crazy things that I do over the next decade. I just don't know exactly what they are, which is why they'll be extra crazy."

In the immediate future there’s been tons of rumors about music so a new song could literally arrive ay any minute. Stay tuned.

Photo: Getty Images