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Dua Lipa Drops a Ton of Juicy Album Details

Dua Lipa has unveiled a load of info regarding a new tour and her upcoming sophomore album including its title, Future Nostalgia.

"Because of the time that I’d spent on the road touring with my band I wanted Future Nostalgia to have a lot more of a live element, but mixed together with modern electronic production. My sound has naturally matured a bit as I’ve grown up but I wanted to keep the same pop sensibility as I had on the first record," she explains. "I realized that what I wanted to make was something that felt nostalgic but had something fresh and futuristic about it too."

To make that happen she has worked with Pharrell, who is obviously behind tons of modern hits and Nile Rodgers, who has produced massive disco and 80s hits.

As far as her tour, for now its only arena dates in Europe starting in April, but hopefully she’ll announce North American dates soon.

Future Nostalgia is out in 2020.

Photo: Getty Images