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Is It Finally Time for the 'NSYNC Reunion?

For years whenever rumors of an 'NSYNC reunion start to bubble, one or all of the guys typically say it’s not the right time.

Well, Lance Bass just proclaimed now is actually the perfect time.

"I would love to do more 'NSYNC music," he told Yahoo Entertainment. "If there's any time, it would be right now."

"It's hard to get all five of us to agree to do anything," Lance continued. "We're such boys, and the communication is horrible. We're great on text about sending silly stupid things, but when it comes down to business, it's really hard for us to make a decision on stuff. And I mean, Justin is killing it right now. He hasn't had a break since we recorded last."

So will the other guys agree the timing finally makes sense? We’ll see!

Photo: Getty Imag