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Diplo Has Some Great Advice for the Next Generation of Artists

You would be hard pressed to find a guy in the music industry more comfortable with collaborating than Diplo.

He works with all kinds of artists in all sorts of genres. And nobody really saw him stepping into the country sphere before this year and doing it so well.

So, it isn’t a huge shock that when asked to give advice to younger artists his words of wisdom were to simply work with each other.

"In the music industry, everybody's trying to put each other down," he tells Billboard. "If someone knows something, they keep it to themselves, But I feel like if y'all work together, we're all gonna grow. As far as songwriters, as far as publishers, producers, we all deserve better, so I feel like if we work together as a team, it's better."

Diplo also promised a huge country collaboration is coming down the line soon with a major artist who actually isn’t that country.

Photo: Getty Images