Video Shows Shoplifter Caught Wearing Nine Pairs Of Jeans At The Same Time

While some shoplifters just throw items in their bag and don't pay for them, others try to get away with their stolen goods in more unique ways. That's what one woman attempted to do but was caught, and the video of her ingenious method is going viral. The incident is believed to have happened in South America and the wannabe thief involved is rumored to be Venezuelan. The clip shows her removing a pair of jeans that she tried to walk off with by wearing, but it doesn't end there. Under that first pair of jeans is another, then another, then another and more. In fact, remarkably, she is wearing nine pairs of jeans but only owned one of them. The guards filming her removing the pants count as she brings down each pair. When she reaches the last set, she shows her underwear underneath to prove there isn't anything else on.

No word on if she was arrested for the attempted theft or if she will be appearing on a talent show for her ability to wear so many pairs of jeans without seeming like it.

Photo: YouTube

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