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Is 'Joker 2' Happening?

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was obviously made do well at the box office, but it was far too dark with an R-rating to ever be a humongous success.

At least, that was the thinking before its debut and its since gone on to smash records and rake in over a billion dollars worldwide becoming the top grossing R-rated film ever.

It was also supposed to be a standalone film, but when a movie makes money like that, plans change.

According to The Hollywood Reporter a sequel is now on the way with both Joaquin returning, as well as director and co-writer Todd Phillips.

And that’s not all. Todd is also attached to create another origin story based on a different super villain in the DC universe, rumored to be Lex Luthor.

For the record, Todd is well-known in Hollywood for deferring a large paycheck upfront on The Hangover, which he co-wrote and directed.

He believed in the project and instead took 10% of the box office, making $68 million.

He did the same thing on Joker, but this deal earned him north of $100 million.

Photo: Warner Bros.