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Sisanie and Tanya Rad Try Seacrest's Tea Concoctions and OMG: Watch

Yummy? Sisanie and Tanya Rad hilariously tried Ryan Seacrest’s tea concoctions on-air on Thursday, November 14, and let’s just say we’ll be sticking to water ...

“That one is so bad which means it must be so good for you because it taste terrible,” Seacrest warned Tanya before she tasted out one murky-looking tea. “I have a feeling in 15 or 20 years when we’re siting here you’re gonna wish you were drinking it too,” Seacrest added, joking that the teas make you live longer. “If it tastes that bad you know it’s good for you.”

So what do they taste like? 

According to Tanya “pond water,” and according to Sisanie “body odor.” 😂😂😂

“It just hits you like a stinky person,” Seacrest agreed.