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Halsey Reveals New Details on Her Upcoming Album 'Manic'

There is plenty to look forward to musically in 2020 and one of the first big releases will be Halsey's album Manic, due in January.

And she just hopped on Twitter to give her followers a few clues as to where she is headed with it creatively by replying to a few questions fans had tweeted.

When she was asked if it would be less theatrical than her last album Badlands, Halsey wrote: "Not necessarily. In a weird way it is. It gets very grand and delusional and colorful at times. And then some times it’s very *tiny voice* and straight up. It’s called MANIC!!!"

She also says no two songs on the album sound alike and she and her friends think it’s her best album to date because it’s different and real.

Manic arrives January 17th.

Photo: Getty Images