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How DaBaby's Bank Account Inspired His Biggest Hit

Lots of rappers are known for bragging about the size of their bank accounts in their songs, but DaBaby's biggest hit "Suge" was literally inspired by a deposit that appeared in his checking account.

He explains to Billboard it wasn’t too long after he’s signed his huge deal with Interscope Records and was still waiting to get his very sizable signing advance.

He called his manager after a night of dining on seafood in Los Angles to ask about the status of his advance and he was told to look at his account.

DaBaby explains: "I walked up to an ATM by myself and put the card in. Usually I check my balance right on the screen. Not this time. I printed the receipt out and didn’t even look at it. I folded it up and hopped back in the car. I took out my cell phone light and shined it on the receipt."

That’s when her noticed a lot more zeros than there used to be in his balance.

He was so excited he changed his plans and went right to the studio and by the end of the night they had finished “Suge," which went on to go triple platinum.

Photo: Getty Images