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Why MONSTA X’s Wonho Is Leaving the Group

Outside of BTS there is no K-Pop group bigger than Monsta X and their fans are nearly as crazy as the BTS Army. So they were understandably shook when news came down that one of their members is leaving the group.

Wonho is stepping away following allegations he has unpaid debts to another Korean star. In an emotional letter to fans, he wrote in part:

"I have received undeserving blessings and love as a MONSTA X member. I sincerely thank you for making memories for me. To the members who worked hard with me and stayed with me, I would like to tell them that that I love them...More than anything, I'm sorry for disappointing my fans who believed in me. I've reached this decision after seeing many people having a hard time because of me."

Monsta X is still scheduled to travel stateside with the remaining six members for iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball presented by Capital One on December 13th.

Photo: Getty Images