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Why Kesha is Making Party Music Again

Kesha surprised fans with the announcement of her upcoming album High Road and her return to her party roots.

This album follows her deeply emotional record Rainbow, which was influenced by her very public and painful battle with producer Dr. Luke.

There was an assumption Kesha was now a ballad singer and for a while she herself thought that transition was permanent, until she talked to her brother who told her, "Why Don’t you go write some pop songs?" Reminding her how good she is at it and it made her reconsider.

"I’ve been through things that were not all pleasant and we all know about them. I felt a little guilty about making dance songs, fun songs and songs about going out with my friends. And then I realized I don’t have to live under a dark cloud forever. No one’s telling me to be happy," she tells Rolling Stone. "I earned my happiness, and it’s OK to be happy. And I hope it’s inspiring. I’m a survivor, but I don’t have to be defined by what I’ve been through for the rest of my life."

Look for High Road on January 10th.

Photo: Getty Imag