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Is the Name of Lady Gaga’s Next Single Out?

The title of Lady Gaga’s next single may be out and the news is coming down either by Gaga’s own clever design or accidentally leaked by her, thanks to an investigative fan...or it’s all much ado over nothing.

It all started when Gaga shared a picture from her jack-o-lantern carving session, though she didn’t do much carving.

She scribbled a explicit note on her pumpkin and stabbed it with her carving knife, but it was what was next to the pumpkin that caught a fan’s eye.

It was a phone and zoomed in you could see a song was playing. A track by an unknown artist called "STUPID LOVE," written in all caps.

For the record both Jason Derulo and Dan + Shay have tracks with that title, but not written in all caps and she probably wouldn’t save their songs without their names.

Some fans also think the explicit saying on the pumpkin is also a song title and another photo she shared is an additional pumpkin with "Ghosted" written on it.

So are these song titles or do her fans just have overactive imaginations? We’ll find out soon!

Photo: Getty Images