You Won't Believe What Career Lana Del Rey Almost Chose Over Music

Two songwriting legends from different eras, Elton John and Lana Del Rey, sat down to interview each other for a special new issue of Rolling Stone called Musicians on Musicians.

In their conversation, Lana revealed if it wasn’t for a fateful book she picked up she might have had a very different career, finance.

Lana was enrolled in Fordham’s highly-esteemed business school and had convinced herself she wouldn’t be a songwriter. She tells Elton:

"After my freshman year, I read Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. It wasn’t necessarily about money. But he talked about burning every single bridge except for the only bridge that led to your greatest desire. And I thought, 'My greatest desire is to sing.' So I switched out and became a philosophy major, because they told me I’d never get a job doing that."

Lana's new album is out now.

Photo: Getty Images