Coldplay Announced Their New Album's Tracklist in the Most Old School Way

In this day and age when it comes time to announce an album or reveal any big details there is usually a complex and clever marketing blitz entirely online, but Coldplay decided to take a far more old school approach.

They first announced their double album at the beginning of the week by mailing postcards to fans, revealing it was called Everyday Life and would feature two distinct sides, sunrise and sunset.

A few posters in key cities followed in similar style, but Coldplay didn't stop there.

They just announced their tracklist by burying it in the public notices section of three printed newspapers in the UK, New Zealand and Paris.

So while they may have not relied on the internet, they certainly managed to figure out a crafty way to entertain their fans with the announcements.

Coldplay’s Everyday Life arrives November 22nd.

Photo: Getty Images