Mistaken Mom Is Sure She's Seeing A Ghost In Baby's Crib

When parents use baby monitors, they are listening and watching to make sure everything is okay with their child. What they aren't expecting is paranormal activity, but one mother from Naperville, Illinois was sure that's what was happening. When she looked at the monitor to check on her son, a 32-year-old named Maritza Elizabeth spotted what she was convinced was a ghost baby in bed with him. She posted on Facebook how she "freaked out" seeing a figure curled up in the crib next to her boy. Maritza grabbed a flashlight and bravely ventured into his bedroom to investigate but couldn't see anything. She said she was kept all night worrying but in the morning, she solved the mystery of what it was.

It turned out her husband recently changed the sheets on the bed and had forgotten the fitted sheet. There was a picture of a baby on the mattress and that's what was showing up on the camera.

Maritza wrote, "I could kill him." Everyone else, however, loved it. It's been liked over a quarter of a million with comments like, "That looks terrifying on the monitor, no wonder you were freaking out," and "Omg I would’ve lost my s*** and ran in there! Or let’s be honest, I’d make my husband run in there!"

Photo: Facebook/MartizaElizabeth