Charli XCX is Already Working on Her Next Album

Ariana Grande set a new precedent in pop music by refusing to go through the traditional album cycle before creating and releasing new music.

She opted instead to put out material whenever inspiration strikes her and it looks like one of her fellow icons may be following her lead, Charli XCX.

Charlie dropped her latest critically acclaimed LP, simply titled Charli only one month ago and just tweeted a reimagined version of its artwork.

On the new cover she now has two heads rather than one like on the original. She captioned the photo: "Thank u for all the love for this album." Then joking, "If there was a deluxe version the cover would probs be something like this."

Then she casually revealed the big news, adding: "There isn’t a deluxe, I’m already making the next one."

So it probably won’t be too long before her fourth album arrives. Until then her still-new third one, Charli is out now.

Photo: Getty Images