Is Bruno Mars About to Drop New Music?

Bruno Mars just made the rumor mill start spinning at a furious pace and all it took was his shoes.

He hasn’t put out a record in three years, though he managed to essentially sweep all the major awards at the Grammys with that effort, 24K Magic.

Since then he has been a featured artist on a few tracks and was kept incredibly busy by his 21 month-long tour, so the hiatus is understandable, but it appears it’s also almost over.

Bruno just posted a pic of his sneakers propped up on a foot stool, but it’s really what’s behind his kicks that’s important, a pair of vintage synthesizers.

Judging by the tangle of cable below them he’s clearly in a studio. The only thing in the caption is the festive cocktail emoji.

Now is this a hint that new music is eminent or that he’s simply working on music and won’t be releasing it for quite some time? We’ll have to wait and see.

Photo: Getty Images