Why Pharrell's Song 'Happy' Made Him Happier Than Anyone

Pharrell has written and produced a seemingly unlimited amount of massive hits for other artists with many he appears on a as a guest artist, but he only has a handful of hits he’s released as a solo artist.

And none bigger than his 2013 smash "Happy," which he just admitted to GQ made him so happy it moved him to tears.

"I wrote that song for CeeLo [Green]. I don't have the capacity to write that kind of song for myself," he explained. "When I do songs for myself, they're always too complicated, and too smart, with six bridges. Because I'm weird like that. But when I do stuff for other people, that allows me to channel things for them, and so the universe set up the perfect conditions to get me to write a song like that."

"That made me cry. It literally made me cry," he continues. "I was on Oprah for my birthday and she showed me a video of people around the world singing that song...I was never the same."

Photo: Getty Images