Is Daft Punk Collaborating with this Superstar Group?

Daft Punk has collaborated with a tons of incredible musicians from The Weeknd to Pharrell to Chic guitarist and legendary producer Nile Rodgers, but if the rumors hold true they have just quietly worked with the biggest act yet, Coldplay.

The UK band is obviously popular around the globe, but their Italian fanbase is known for being particularly passionate.

An Italian Facebook group devoted to Coldplay known for being accurate claims to have insider knowledge of their rumored album expected this fall.

They report that the sixth of its nine tracks is called "Mission A.B.O.R.T" and features Daft Punk.

Among other tidbits they say the album may be titled Fool’s Gold and its lead single could drop as early as next Friday.

Rumors? Facts? Somewhere in between? We’ll know soon!

Photo: Getty Images