Is Harry Styles About to Drop a New Album?

It seems more than likely the era of Harry Styles second solo record is officially upon us after mysterious billboards popped up in New York and London.

Though the black and white posters don’t bare Harry’s photo or even his name, there are a few hints that they are subtle promotion for Harry’s next album.

They simply read, "Do you know who you are?" in bold lettering with the acronym TPWK at the bottom in small print and the Columbia Records' logo.

So how does that all breakdown to having anything to do with Harry?

For starters Columbia is Harry’s label. Then TPWK stands for Treat People With Kindness, which Harry emblazoned on lots of his last tour’s merch. And finally, Harry’s last tweet and only one since May is one word, "Do." Seemingly the beginning of “Do you know who you are?”

Harry also told Rolling Stone in a fairly recent interview he had been recording a ton in Malibu, so it seems like something will come down the line in the coming days.

Photo: Getty Ima