Mariah Carey Finally Opens Up About Her 2005 Breakdown

Mariah Carey has been busy at work on her tell-all autobiography, but in a new sit down with Variety she says it’s actually going to be a while longer than expected before fans can get their hands on it because she wants to be "really, really happy with it."

She gets pretty real in the interview, even discussing her infamous breakdown that occurred around 2005.

Though she thinks what it actually was has been misrepresented for years. She explains:

"It was an emotional and physical breakdown, but it wasn’t a nervous breakdown, because you don’t recover from that really. And even my therapist was like, 'You didn’t have a breakdown; you had a diva fit and people couldn't handle it.' And that is something we should explore, because if a woman gets too emotional or too loud or too abrasive or too real, suddenly it’s like, 'What’s wrong with her? She's crazy.'"

Mariah promises fans will be taken behind the scenes on her entire life and career when her book arrives in the second half of 2020.

Photo: Getty Images