The Amazing Way Lil Nas X Crafted 'Old Town Road' Into a Megahit

Lil Nas X wrapped up this summer with the song of summer thanks to the incredible success of "Old Town Road," which may even lay claim to the song of 2019 when the year is said and done.

It owes at least a good chunk of its success to how it became used in memes, largely on the app TikTok before it achieved mainstream success.

And it turns out, that’s due in part to Lil Nas’ calculated moves, while he was creating the track. He tells Billboard his goal was to combine "funny meme culture" with hip hop and country.

He thought, "Let's put all that into one, ball it up. Let's make sure this song is short, to the point. And it sounds amazing, but it's also funny… It's like a country spin on classical rap tropes within this generation."

He also admitted the concept came together quickly, but he finessed the lyrics for over a month before posting it. He obviously got ‘em right!

His latest hit "Panini" is out now.

Photo: Getty Images