Brad Pitt Is Turning His Attention on Another Kind of Art

Brad Pitt is an incredibly accomplished artist when it comes to acting, but he’s been quietly spending a good amount of time focused on learning an entirely different art form, sculpting.

Her tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I'm learning a lot and I love it. It’s a really solo, all on your own venture.”

But if you’re dreaming of owning an original Pitt to slap in the mantel, don’t hold your breath because Brad’s not sure the public will ever see his creations.

"If I were to find something that I felt was original to my own vernacular in that way and it had something to add, then yeah. But If I felt it was too derivative of the greats, then no."

You can still take in some of Brad’s work in cinema, his latest movie Ad Astra is out now.

Photo: Getty Images