Why Diplo Went Country

Diplo has managed to infuse an incredibly diverse collection of genres into his music and the songs he produces for other artists.

This year he even began dabbling in country music, which was a surprise to many music fans, but was actually a natural progression to the super producer.

"I’ve always been a country fan, because I’m from the South. I got to watch music videos on CMT and then the radio was always on," he tells Rolling Stone. ""There’s just a lot of care taken writing country songs. It’s easy to immediately get into the music."

"That crowd that liked country music back when I was younger, they were kind of left behind when streaming took over," Diplo says. "Now it seems like it’s growing so much, because every generation is using the internet to access country music better. It’s growing fast."

Diplo’s latest foray into county under his alter ego Thomas Wesley “Heartless” featuring Morgan Wallen is out now.

Photo: Getty Images